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Powering Successful Decision-Makers

Understand your market, dissect your competition, and supercharge your strategy. We use AI to validate customer-powered feedback and ensure you have reliable, forward-looking intelligence to grow your business.

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Understand Your Customers

Identify the factors that contribute to your customers’ purchase decisions. We scan the internet for feedback by your consumers to help you assess and improve your customer experiences.

Pie chart showing real reviews and fake reviews

Verified Quality

The fight against misinformation is the reason we were founded. It's been a part of our DNA ever since. We use the latest technologies to filter unreliable data and give you peace of mind.

Competitive Analysis

See how you stack up against the competition. Take advantage of our data collection pipeline to deeply understand the companies in your market.

Competitive analysis heatmap graph showing customer sentiment across diffirent categories
Market analysis graph showing customer sentiment over time for diffirent companies or products

Industry Trends

Uncover insights on how your industry is changing. We leverage the power of big data to help you understand business patterns and customer preferences.

Geographic Analysis

Gain a richer view of the market sensitivities between different regions. Focus on the right things for the right people and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

Geographic map graph showing customer sentiment across diffirent regions

Numerous Sources

We present you with various data sources ranging from blogs, reviews, social media and more. We also offer custom data mining services to cater to your needs.

Early Access Opportunity

Ready to access intelligence for your business? We're working with select, early customers for our Beta Program. Take advantage of all of our features for 1 full year for a single payment of $90 ($7.50/month)!

About Us

We're a group of researchers, engineers, and technologists that are enchanted by the power of language. We're working to turn the art into a science and empower small businesses along the way.

We Help Businesses Make Better Decisions.

For all the fascinating abilities of our brains, humans are all shackled by biases when making decisions. Our team at Guide Analytics wants you to easily respond to market information without being influenced by misinformation.

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